So since the entire purpose behind my updates to the Flow website (and the addition of this forum) is to increase collaboration and expand on the Adaptive Modelling methodology, I thought it appropriate to start a topic where we can start by defining the scope of the methodology.

As a starting point, here are some of the things I think Adaptive should contain:


  • Object naming conventions
  • Cube structure standards
  • Dimension structure standards
  • Code formatting and comments
  • TI process parameter formats and standards
  • Documentation structure


  • Measure dimensions
  • Time / period dimensions
  • Currency translation approach
  • Common cube structures / usage
  • Generic and modular modelling techniques


  • Hardware sizing & failover strategies
  • Version control
  • Model templating and re-usability
  • Deployment mechanisms & automation


  • Implementation role definition
  • Implementation phasing
  • Unit testing and UAT process
  • Team collaboration
  • Agile development & sales
  • Training & customer handover

What aspects have I missed?

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